New Badges to be Struck.


When the IIRA of Australia came into existence we produced badges for new members 100 were manufactured thanks to Chris Horner, these were only given out to Indian owning members with Associate Members receiving decals or recently a sew-on patch. The question now is we need more badges made as we have ran out such is the growth of our Association, I suggested a slightly different colour as to distinguish original Members & to have year tag attachments for bars, your thoughts would be appreciated please. Vice-Prez Mark is going to get a batch done so this will be on our agenda at the first meeting next month. Sammy Vella rang me yesterday with the news that the Sport Scout is not only running, he had visited Association Run Co-ordinator Ian Rook on it, this sure must be a culture shock after a CX-500 Honda, but he is extremely happy with the machine.Rod Leaman sold the 1947 Chief to a new member, & your webmaster has nearly finished the 1948,it only needs the cam case,oil pump, exhaust & fuel tanks fitted then I can start it this Indian, it will be out at the “Lakes & Craters” rally in February.