You don’t see them like this anymore or at this price

For those of you that think your webmaster is a newish Indian owner only having just come back into them (from a long break till 2003) beside the 1947 & the 2002 I now own, I used to own the Scout below in the late eighties, which did many miles in my 12 months ownership, before regretfully selling it to Greg Hutchisin, I believe Greg still owns it currently although now restored. I remember that when it was purchased it came with a 1925 Scout dismantled & semi-restored, also “chucked in” was a Vincent Series C Comet the lot was $10,000, I remember thinking why would I want the Indian as the Vincent was what I desired but after getting congealed crap out of the fuel tank,fitting a float & a set of tyres it was running, unbeknown to me at this time was the rear cylinder had a bad “tram track” where the gudgeon pin had come adrift in the piston this did’nt stop it running although when it was found a year later it sealed the fate of this machine with me. The value of the Vincent was $7,000 so the two Indian’s were around $3000 (dog’s name was Sandy sadly departed in 1997)