New prices for late brakes 1947/53


People often remarked when our dollar was going up against the pound that I was putting down my Triumph prices around 20% in most cases, this obviously has changed recently with the pound at 43p to $1.00 but my loyal customers were pleased and they don’t complain now prices are rising. So whats that got to do with Indian parts, not much with some greedy retailers who just say “more profit to me” but I’m different after paying all tooling costs off on the first batch of brake plates 1946/53 version as I said they will get cheaper and I have dropped the price $300 the added advantage is the drums are now all Australian machined from billett and unlike the original German versions I previously supplied & more accurate and they don’t need modifying to suit my brake plate as they are machined to suit. The patterns and the CNC costs have now been absorbed so the costs have dropped which enables me to pass this on. The beauty of this brake assembly is support through the plate which gives rigidity unlike some dearer copy-cat versions starting to hit the market, with now over 30 sold they stand on their reputation!

Pictured above the new brake assembly for both the 1939/45 twin leading shoe front brake now available, and of course the later 1946/53 version which I have had in production now over 2 years.  late version is $1,800. The new billet CNC 1939/45 early version is $2,200 to members or $2495 retail, both versions come with a new cast-iron drum and yes you use your existing wheel no real permanent modifications to your machine which can be returned to stock if necessary in under 1/2 hour. These brake plates and drums are all Aussie now guaranteeing excellent quality. Available to order direct from Phil Pilgrim or Mark at Zorro’s 0433 106669