Wire Wheels, Why not?


So 800 klm”s up on the 2015 Scout whats it like, well plenty changed Mustang seat, Aermach footboards, rear Rack, National Cycle screen, it came with Stage One genuine pipes, and I”ve fitted Ikon fork springs and rear shocks, also fitted Metzler 888’s and at the time of buying I ordered wire wheels. Whats great and whats not, the footboards & screen are excellent, the seats comfortable the Ikon shocks well the jury’s still out on them as I”m onto the third set so fingers crossed, the front progressive fork springs are assembled the wrong way around by the factory, I wish I would have known this to test it before buying the Ikon version. Fuel seems about 180 klms before the light comes on and you get about 25-30klm after that, the engine operates at 89-94C and at 110 kph it is doing 3500 rpm, its low and all the weights down low as well, it goes like “a cut snake” and handles incredibly well, the only negatives are no cruise control, no key fob start as the Chief’s, no fuel gauge, average mirrors, and to small a fuel tank, otherwise for the ridaway price its fine, would I buy it again yes straight away so I guess I”m happy