Off my Face on Facebook

We have some great photo’s turning up on our Facebook page recently, the Indian on a Indian shots are quite symbolic of how long the Indian brand has been around, with the more general shots of when they were a tool or workhorse, not “painted ladies” as they are now. The snow plough Indian really brings home the fact, in the States these guys today drive the latest GMC & Ford trucks to do this job with heaters & all mod cons, this bloke has a snow chain for grip on the tyre & the guards removed he doesn’t look warm or happy. The ambulance rider WW1 Dough boy I reckon would have a worse job over bomb holes & rough terrain listening to the screams of the wounded men he has strapped on stretchers, the Goulding sidecar would only give limited comfort. The last shot of the Indian 4 (Four- Stroke) from the Clymer era is is bike I personally have a fetish for, just to say “I own a Indian 4”