Do you use Safari as a search engine?

Without getting to Geeky I have noticed MAC owners that use Safari instead of Internet Explorer or FireFox have trouble viewing some articles or pictures on this site, the Australian Tax Office is also having problems if you have a Portal for your B.A.S statements, or so they told me today. I would suggest you change over to get better results on looking up the site, or doing your Tax.The picture above is of a 1948 Chief “The World’s Finest”, On all the roads of the world, hopefully paved one’s. The Vulcan Indian wrist watch also pictured above, was produced in the thirties & forties, only 20 years earlier people would accuse others for wearing such watches as “Fairy’s” real men only carried pocket watches, derogatory statements were made on the lines of “Oh he’s a wrist watch wearer”  90 years on we have lot’s of wrist watch wearing folks around, what can I say!