The Vindian is Finished after 7 months

March was a sad month for the “Black Bastard”in one cold wet week-end it was at the Knackers Yard of it’s life, I decided to bite the bullet & emasculate it by removing the 48 Chief engine & cutting the frame, the engine was sold on to a fellow IIRA member & is close to being put back onto the road again. In the meantime you will have noticed snippets & odd photos cropping up about the conversion through Stop Press, well today it is finished, there will be a full article coming up in Smoke Signals it will also be going on the Members Area for those who wish to make another Vindian. My objective was not to make a replica of the machine that was made in Stevenage in 1949, I have made it safer & more reliable with good electrics, stronger frame modification, & practical with pillion seat & saddlebags, modern carbs with air filters, better clutch & magneto, the colour was chosen to represent the traditional black and gold of the Vincent & the blue, although not Seafoam Blue is a striking contrast of the original Indian. The Vindian decals I think give it more individuality, as do Gilroy Indian spotlights & warbonnet on the front guard, the Whitewalls also “lift” the overall package. Building this bike has been hard so I am happy its finished, it’s like the old chopper builders of yore, it is a expression of what I think looks ok & to hell whatever anyone else thinks