Old is new again

So a lot of new things happening your New committee has the ever waited for updated website happening very soon by another old friend Richard Monty who created our existing one, we are looking to a new e-magazine for members edited by a current member, the rallies are completely changing and some are being re-introduced again and being rejigged to stop people holding there own rallies within a rally to the detriment of participants, our longer distance Gypsy Tours are also being looked at. An Association 18 month Calendar is being published for financial members only, so pay now. The Christmas in July party that was planned is now cancelled this year, but other types of things like this will be happening keep checking on our website, there are now 3 extra people as Association signatories so it should be easier for our Red Plate members. Finally for now pay your subs as you are all un-financial and for Red Plate owning members you are currently in an illegal position with a potential $800 fine if you continue to ride your machine!