Rally Basics

A few ground rules:

Participants that insist on holding their own rally by coming days earlier and not doing our full 2 days itinerary, or deciding to eat elsewhere will not be welcome it has the effect of splitting the group and encourages people to leave early, don”t be selfish by ruining  our rally by doing this, if you must do your own thing then plan it a week earlier or later, you are not welcome to wreck our weekend! If you insist then you won’t be contacted for our future events, your loss not ours.

The main reason for some of our great rallies that have been cancelled in the past is because of a few selfish members doing their own thing on organised rides within rallies, meals or negotiated  accomodation and meal prices have made these events, these have become not viable because of this, if you want to see more of these traditional rallies please support us or as previously stated Don’t enter.