The same old story now with BSA

a “real “DBD34GS Goldstar
B50 Gold Star ?

By now you are probably well aware of the new BSA Gold Star that is just being released in UK and hopefully here as well soon. It draws a lot of similarities with our brand Indian with people saying ” But thats not a real BSA Goldstar” or the other old hoary chestnut “why don”t they build them with megaphones, clip-ons and rear sets” Then somebody like me mentions the 1971/72 BSA B50 Goldstar that the original factory built and they conveniently ignore it, hmm I remember these same people in 1999 when Indian came back into production bemoaning that they were not going to reproduce 1953 Blackhawk models with sidevalve engines that sent Springfield broke the also complained about no left hand twistgrips that Indian dumped in 1948 and horror of horrors it had a hand clutch! Conveniently they had also forgotten the 3 speed “crash box” and this was one of many things that Indian decided to import motorcycles from UK and fit them up with Indian decals Indian sales battled on till 1968 then Clymer Indians were made till the mid 70″s. All of the Indian guys out there buying new product and each day more and more are on the road most of these guys would’nt know about a Springfield Indian or more or less about those other museum pieces, its the same with BSA I wish them all the best and hopefully more models will follow. click on the picture below