Oliver Godfrey’s 100th Anniversary of 1-2-3 I.O.M Victory

New member Guy Allen recently asked “What are we doing for Oliver Godfrey’s 1911 TT win at the Isle of Man 100 years ago” a good question not many people realize Indian won a TT  more or less 1st, 2nd & 3rd place wins, this is a very historic moment in Indian history, & set the ball rolling for Indian in Europe & colonial countries such as Australia. The TT races were THE race to win & gave Indian a status as being more than a huge American motorcycle than won some unknown cross country events in U.S.A or Board (Motodrome) racing which was virtually unknown in Europe at that time. This put Indian well in front of their opposition in sales which continued for the next decade, a single example was Milledge Bros in Melbourne imported  3 shiploads of Indians in one year alone, we have a lot to thank Oliver Godfrey for. Second place winner was another notable in Indian lore, Charles B Franklin designer of the Indian Scout & also the famous 101 Model, lastly in Third place Arthur Moorehouse

1911 TT winners for Indian (click highlight)