Timmerman electric start issues & a visit to Victory showrooms

For all you long suffering Springfield owners with a Timmerman electric starter we have resolved the problems, which are many the see-sawing is a major issue also misalignment of the case which causes the sprag to misalign badly. The sprag was never designed for any of this & was made to be immersed in oil. The Timmerman standard system does none of this it required a complete rethink. Phillip White, Robert Gosper & your Webmaster have hit a solution that requires some re-machining, but then it is rigid & the new sprags do not rely on you using WD-40 for lubricant every couple of months we are currently testing the prototypes but they are good so please contact either Phillip or myself for more details.

Yesterday I visited Victory Motorcycles Melbourne on my 2002 Gilroy  the sales honcho Ant Clark is very enthusiastic about the future of Indian in Australia, but there is about 12-18 months before they will be here do yourself a favour & visit the future home of Indian this showroom is remarkable & would leave a lot of prestige car showrooms gasping, it is really that exceptional & the staff are welcoming & more importantly not pushy. I hope to arrange a group visit in the next few months, this is the first Indian dealership in Elizabeth st Melbourne since the forties,you can be sure the dealerships in Perth & Sydney are equally as impressive so for our interstate members please visit & make yourself known as a IIRA member. Ant was telling me his dream is to eventually ride a handchange Indian so the boy is keen to get right into the whole of it especially linking the old & the new which is what we are all about. Meanwhile 30 brand new 2010-2011 models will be here in September so contact John Smith for details of one of these if you need to purchase this year.