History of Indian Page is ongoing

The  History of Indian page on this site when first formulated seemed to me as “Well that’s all that will be done here for awhile” how wrong could I have been, in the last number of weeks I have not only added the Indian Dakota 4 but also the Victory takeover, yesterday John Smith(the Prez) sent me a ton of details & photos on the 1991-1998 stuff that I had little knowledge about, in the next number of weeks I will add this in as well, gives you something to do as its cold in the garage. On a similar subject the YouTube page under Image & Video’s is always good for a couple of hours I have put in a few more lately, any that you find that are appropriate please send the link to me.

Chris Horner has sold his 2003 Chief Vintage to new member Guy Allen,I pulled the lowering kit out of it on Guy’s request as he is 6’4″ (no I don’t know what that is in Japanese) I think Chris is hankering for a Victory -Indian version in 12-18 months (like me) meanwhile the 1947 will keep him riding Indians. John Smith is coming down to Melbourne in the next few days to talk to Polaris -Victory about their future plans on Indian in Australia, so hopefully we have more news about this subject from him in the very near future