Have you seen the new Jeep advert?

Just had a  new member mention the 70th Anniversary Jeep advert on TV at the moment (click highlight below), the one where in the beginning the Australian Army is testing the 1942 Army version, then it crosses to the current Chrysler version, the new member mentioned that when the Jeep was first made it was a Willy’s, & Ford made it during the war as well under contract. Got me thinking do old Jeep owners accept the current versions, I bet they do so the relevance to us is the same as Indian & Victory. 1942 was the year Springfield Indians were tested against the the first Willy’s General Purpose (GP) nicknamed Jeep unfortunately  for Indian, but great for the war effort the Jeep was far more practical than a motorcycle or a outfit for that matter, the rest is history we all know how it turned out. A Jeep is a Jeep & a Indian is a Indian no matter what era or year.Motorcycling Australia are starting to send out renewal forms for the Roadside breakdown cover it’s now $29.00 for us as affiliate members to their Association, which is a $10 saving over the normal rate this is excellent value sign up now

Jeep Advert