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Perfect weather for our monthly ride in February. Kept it short and away from highways. Home before the heat was an issue. Trying to get the right speed, don’t want to loose anyone. We travelled from Mill park through Plenty, Yarrambat, Diamond Creek, Nutfield, Arthurs Creek,St. Andrews to Yarra Glen Cafe for lunch which everyone enjoyed. After about an hour we continued on down The Old Healesville Rd. through Healesville, Toolangi through the forest and on to King Lake, King Lake west, Whittlesea and home. Thanks for attending , Martyn Goodwin , Phil Pilgrim, David Kimpton and Ballast, Garry Wilkens, George Fitzpatrick

Your Faithful Road Captain                                                                                                                 Dave Catterall



Trials Ride 2021


Phil Pilgrim winner of Motorcycle category




 I left home at 7.30am on the trusty Panza (BMW outfit). The weather was quite mild. Did a pit stop at Wallan Roadhouse for coffee. Continuing our journey to the meeting point at the BP Roadhouse at Calder Park north bound. We had drizzling rain.  Upon reaching the meeting point, I pulled up to refuel the thirsty Panza and looked across, to see to my surprise that Michael was there on his 46 Indian Chief. He was not able to come on the ride but he was there to wish us well on our endeavour. Mark was there with his son and Sandy. Shortly after Robert Hall and Phil Pilgrim arrived. It’s 10am and its time to get on the road, when Phillip White turned up just in time to join us on the ride. We headed north up the Calder Highway a couple of kilometres and turned off to go through Diggers Rest and onto Toolernvale. At Toolernvale we turned right onto the road to Gisborn. After travelling 8kms we turned right onto Couangalt Road travelling a distance of 5kms to where Robert Hall rejoined us as he had to drop his parts off he had got from Mark to his home. From there the 8 of us heading to Riddells Creek where we were held up by a gaggle of geese. They had decided to take a break in the middle of the road. Eventually they decided to move on and we were able to continue our ride. On the other side of Riddells Creek we turned left onto Mt Eliza Road. A lovely road, undulating with nice curves and views, shame about the rain, this made the road a bit slippery. At the end of Mt Eliza Road we turned left on the Romsey Woodend Road, and rode into Woodend and turned right onto the Tylden Woodend Road. By this time the temperature was dropping as we got closer to Daylesford and the drizzle was not letting up. Stopping at Daylesford for fuel everybody was cold and a group decision was made not to continue on to Campbell’s Creek but to rather find a warm pub to thaw out and have a meal. We chose the Daylesford Hotel as it was across the road from the petrol station which turned out to be a good choice, good food and good service, what else could you ask for? By the time we left the worst of the weather had passed making for a much nicer ride home. Owen & Linda Jones

Chief Rain in the Face Rally June 2019 Chief Rain in the Face Rally 30th May to 2nd June 2019 May Sunday ride to Llanely 0505/19 IIRA 5 May 19 Ride to Llanelly for the Girder Fork and Single Cylinder Rally

Anarchy (Anakie) at Iron Indian Riders Australia March ride
by Mark Barthelmie
Lovely ride today out the back of Geelong Ballarat area including Anakie, The Fairy Castle, Steiglitz, Buninyong & Meredith.
a good mix of old and new Indians including Daryls Chout, Sammy on his 38 Sports Scout, Paul on his 46 Chief Phil on his 47 Chief, Alistair on his Chief Classic, Peter and Sandy on their Roadmaster, Pete on his Chief Vintage Osman on his Scout Bobber and me on my Dark Horse plus Pete on his faithful Drifter and bringing up the rear Owen and Linda in the Panzer.
Saw a lot of Victoria ive never seen before today including one of Daryl Colts best kept secrets a lovely spot by a river he used to take the ladies when he was courting back in his teens. ?? love your work Daryl Colt

Sitting Bull Rally 2019 Sitting Bull Ride Report Iron Indian Riders 10 February Ride to Hanging Rock IIRA 5 Aug Ride to Antique Motorcycles 1 July 18 Ride to Pt Cook Air Museum ride report Ride Report Rain in Face Rally 1 to 3 June 18 Iron Indian Riders 1 st Sunday Ride March 18 Sitting Bull 2018 Rally Review Ride Report Sitting Bull Rally Feb 2018 October ride to Tallarook Iron Indian Riders Monthly Ride 1 Oct 2017 Crazy Horse Rally Review 2017 Crazy Horse Rally 2017 April Sunday Ride to Creswick IIRA April Ride to Creswick Bikes by the Bay Ride 26 March 17 The Southern Grampians Hub Rally March 2017 Ride Report Hub Rally The Midnight Express Run Jan 2017 Ride Report   by Pete Kime & Phil Pilgrim The Rain in the face Rally report by Pete Kime click on the link below IMG_1184 IMG_1183 Chief Rain in the Face Rally     11-13 June 2016 IMG_1126IMG_1123 Ride Report BBB 2016 12717382_416646951878550_3221686235293895500_n12728933_416647188545193_3894526997736473010_n12745682_416647405211838_2688469811640196590_n12744208_416647155211863_861538375388699327_n12717479_10154028454731495_9065265024850636169_n12745408_10154028487546495_4869059894548964273_n

The Sitting Bull Rally 2016

The rally kicked off with a BBQ at the motel for all booked in for Friday night . Lenny became chef for the weekend BBQ and breakfast Sat & Sun ( great work Lenny ) . On the Sat morning Chris had to return home for a prior engagement so set off on his scout at the same time as the rally set off for Tidal River . A leisurly ride via Fish Creek to the new Bakery at Yanakie for coffee and fuel at the general store . A few small mechanical problems for Richard on his re built 47 , Noel on his 47 barn find and for Philip on Chips but no need for the back up trailer driven by Noel’s brother in law Steven . From Yanakie to tidal river is a great ride through the National Park . The view as the vegetation opens up as you approach Whisky Bay when Norman Island come into view is special . A short toilet stop at Tidal River then out to the look out overlooking Norman Island for photo’s . Back to Yanaki and on to Sandy Point (Sandy did point but no photographic evidence is available ) for lunch. After fish and chips and a back view of the view from Norman lookout it was time to fuel up ( the old story of never passing a fuel pump on an Indian ) it was off to the spectacular view at Walkervile North .After a short stop it was decided that it was beer O clock so a short run into Tarwin Lower pub for refreshments . Then back to the motel for a Nanna nap and down to the Inlet Hotel for a fine meal and more drinks , a great end to the day .

For Sundays ride we lost John who had to return to the winery , Lenny and Jimbo for the ride back to Canberra and John off the Vintage and into the back up vehicle . We picked up Andrew and Noel’s mate Frank with son Archie on his Harley . Stevie loaded the Enfield on the trailer but followed the ride . From Inverloch to Cape Patterson via the coast rd ( always special no matter how many times you have ridden it ) then into Wonthaggi on to Archies Creek and the scenic route to Kernot via Glen Forbs . The view overlooking French Island made the trip . Coffee at the Kernot Store then ride split up . Andrew , George , Hoggie and his better half and Stevie and Noel headed down the Highway . Frank on his Harley led the rest back to the motel .

This was a great weekend with special thanks to the motel owners who went out of their way to make us welcome . Special comendation for Lenny and Jimbo for making the trip from Canberra and to Hoggie from Coriyong . If you missed it  you missed great ridding great company and a load of fun . It will be on again next year so keep the weekend 18 19 Feb free .

IIRA 1 November Ride Round the Bay Anti-­?Clockwise Small Group met bright and early at 8:45am at the Shell Service Station in Laverton. Phil on his new Scout looking resplendent with its new wire wheels and white wall tyres, made the bike look a lot better and bigger. Richard on his Gilroy Silver Chief, George on his Drifter and Peter on his Yamaha 1100 , being taken out for a bit of fresh air, as it had not been ridden for 12mths. Left promptly at 9:15 and headed down Point Cook road to Snydes Rd. Snydes Rd is under construction from a country lane to a major road as it goes through the new industrial estate being set up in Werribee East. This road still has a country feel as it goes through the old research farm. Was not bad until you get to the new construction area where it turns into a gravel road for about 1 km until you reach the Princes Highway. Went off through Werribee onto Bulban Rd and past the Werribee Racecourse. The road from here to Granite Rd is pretty boring, not a lot of trees around. As you get closer to the You Yangs the scenery gradually gets better. Roads were reasonable and very little traffic. Once over Granite road and past the GMH Test track the scenery was a lot better with some good twisty bits and some dips that added a bit of excitement to the ride. Went on to Anakie , past the Fairy Park and stopped at the small milk bar cafe for a drink and a coffee scroll. They have recently done this place up , it now has a small bar and a court yard area where you can sit and enjoy a coffee scroll over a cup of coffee. After having a break we headed off to meet Daryl at the Geelong entry. Low and behold he was sitting waiting on his Prince ready for a putt down the road. At this point Peter Kime turned off and headed for an afternoon of drudgery at work. So George, Richard, Daryl and Phil continued through Geelong with Daryl on the Prince leading the group I was amazed how good it was going but it has a strong dislike for inclines of anything over dead flat road, meanwhile it was “cracking” along at 80kph at one stage and soon Daryl waved us off as we headed for Indented Head and after a couple of dead end streets that George took us down in Clifton Springs all was well. We decided after a fuel stop to have lunch in Portarlington and while Richard and myself would return up the Princess Hwy George would do the “LAP” and catch the ferry to Sorrento. We had lunch at the local Bakery in Portarlington a bid George goodbye, another uneventful ride home and I waved goodbye to Richard as he headed Gisborne. In all a good day and thanks to George for a well planned ride Peter Kime & Phil Pilgrim
IIRA Ride 4 October  2015 Ride to Euroa Show and Shine. 11219616_840510919381477_6427079246912401202_n Group assembled at the United Service station bright and early on Sunday morning. The weather had promise of being a perfect day for riding, the Sun was out already and should be no need for wet weather gear. 8:30 (7:30am real time) , every one remembered to put their clocks forward 1 hour and after imbibing in coffee at the cafe in the servo area were half fit for a decent ride. Do not recall any one mentioning the football game the day before? Last to turn up was Ken Hager possibly still on American Time. A good turn up of bikes and riders, 8 in all. Russell Arthur called the night before and was going to meet us at Euroa. In Phil Whites view it was 2 Fake , Fake Indians (Peter’s and George’s Drifters), 5 Fake Indians ( Lance , Andrew and Ken on 2014 Chiefs, Sandy on her gorgeous Indian Scout and Mark on his Bomber) and 1 real Indian The Chips. George led a prompt start at 9:00 and we took of up Plenty Road towards Whittlesea. Copped a few traffic lights but under Georges Captaincy we grouped up and kept a well maintained group all the way to Yea. Road is boring and Sunday traffic until we cleared South Morang. The road does not have many twisty bits until you get past Whittlesea but the scenery was beautiful, it is so green it was hard to believe. Once out of Whittlesea, being tail end Charlie I would count the bikes in front of me, at one stage was 8 then only 7 and I did not see anyone pull over. Kept counting all the way to Yea and kept on getting the same number. Turned out Ken was a bit bored with the pace and cut loose on a parallel track from Whittlesea so he could open it up and clear the cobwebs. The sudden digression snapped Mark out of his reverie when confronted with alternate riders to follow. The ride to Yea was as smooth as silk, everyone kept bunched up and in staggered formation, sitting at the back it was a pleasure to watch the group sweeping through the bend. It was also music to the ears to hear the occasional blat out of Sandy’s Scout, the rumble from Andrew’s Chief, but best of all was the deep cackle from Phil’s Chief it blew the rest of the orchestra out of the pit. Cruised into Yea , Sandy pointing desperately to the petrol station and me and Lance looking desperately for the men’s. Short walk to the bakery to partake in a pie and sauce. Phil and myself being a bit more cultured sat at a table to eat ours with a knife and fork and participate in deep and meaningful discussion about world affairs, while the rest ate out of a paper bag with the flies out side. At this stage I thought about my return trip down the highway to go back to work and spied a Coffee Scroll that was at least the size of a dinner plate, so I brought that for my ride back to town in case I got hungry. We all got together again outside and told the usual round of tall stories before George gave everyone a prod to complete the trip to Euroa where they could find more food and possibly visit the show and shine.
As everyone prepared to leave Yea I peeled of and headed back to Melbourne via Trawool and Tullarook. This road was just as good as the roads coming up and the road from Trawool and to Tullarook is a road I will visit again. Quite a lot of little stops alongside the river, looks like a nice spot to go parking with the missus. Disappointingly after exiting Tullarook I ended up on the freeway to the Hume Highway shuffle. Made good time and was at work in Pt Melbourne by 12:30pm. Meanwhile the rest of the group headed off to Euroa through Molesworth and Yark, turning off the main road at Merton for Euroa. This road was quite a find, no traffic, mostly smooth and lots of nice flowing bends through the hills. Only incident was a bumpy bit that chucked off Phil’s muffler. However George donated the straps holding his day pack to secure it on Chips’ pack rack and we were back on the road, funny thing was Chips sounded much the same. Once in Euroa we rode around a bit before we discovered the Show and Shine in the back of the main street by the river. The event was well attended and had a great display of cars and bikes. Interesting to see all the cars one owned through the years (but in far better nick). Russel made it in time to enter his Chief in the Vintage Motorcycle section and was judged best in class. After a couple of hours looking at the displays of old and new ranging from the basic to the fully tricked up and scale model steam engines and stationary kero engines and a V12 Merlin engine, boy was that loud, and some lunch we made our goodbyes and headed for home independently on the most convenient route (Mark volunteered to follow Phil to collect the parts), Ken gunned it down the freeway and I took the opportunity to go via Alexander, Acheron, Buxton and the Black Spur, very little traffic on the road and had the wonderful Black Spur to myself. Combined Report from Peter Kime and George Fitzpatrick

Ride Report for 2 August 2015.

Location: Central Victoria. Weather: Partly cloudy and cold. Seven people (Phil P, Peter K and pillion, Ken H, Lance, Charlie and pillion)left Gisborne with the Temperature of 7c. Roads were in good condition with many damp patches mixed in the mainly dry roads. With only one bike made before 2000 there was not much opportunity for bits to fall off, but one did and it was recovered! By the time we got to Heathcote for morning tea, coffee, hot chocolate or anything else warm the temp had moved to 10c. While at Heathcote, two bikes and 3 people (Phillip on his BSA and Owen & pillion on/in The Tank) joined the group. So the ten people headed off to Nagambie, Seymour, and then Tooborac for lunch and the Hotel and Brewery. Roads for this section were smoother and straighter, giving many chances to enjoy the views. Everyone seemed to enjoy the outing despite the weather conditions. After lunch that old Chief needed fuel, again, before heading off. Some heading North, some East, and some South. Hopefully, all made it home before the weather turned foul.

IMG_0850 IMG_0851 IMG_0852 IMG_0853

Good Day to Day at the Gisborne Swap Meet

Started off from BP Rockbank with a group of 9.

Steve York -Triumph , Peter Hale – Chief, Michael Dietrich – Chief ,Peter Kime – Chief, Owen Jones and Partner – BMW Outfit, Chris and Chris Knoop – Invincible Jap on back of ute , Martyn Goodwin – Vincent Comet.

Weather was perfect , after extracting ourselves from group of admirers who loved the Indians and assisting a Lady  (she was off to a Poker game ) with photos off the bikes. Her car had the number plate ARTIST , and she sketches bikes and cars and puts them on to cards. Shame I did not get her contact number.

Headed down the Highway to Leakes Rd and then took the back roads from Rockbank through Toolern Vale to the Melton Gisborne Rd. Went through to Gisborne , Peter Hale took the lead and lead us through to Richard Onyons place. Met up with Richard , Phil Nuske , Sammy Vella , Robert Hall (lovely little Ariel VH?).Had morning Tea supplied by Richards wife Dee, Cup cakes that melted in your mouth. When Daryl Colt arrived we saddled up and took a 10min ride to the display grounds.

Russell Arthur and Ken Hager (No.1 was parked at the Indian Marquee ) were already on the site reserving a spot for us. We were also joined by Ken Owen who drove down from Romsey. Mark and Sandy rode in just after we arrived on their Chief and Sports Scout.

We parked our bikes with a group of Indians on display by Eddie T (He had a 1915 Chief, 46 Sports Scout, and 46 Chief on display).

Not a big bike turn up of bikes and cars but was still a good display. Indian , Polaris and Triumph had marquees on display as well.

After a wonder around and dining on gourmet spring rolls some departed early for other duties and the rest were going on a run with Richard and Phil around Macedon.

Steve and myself headed back home via the way we came.

 Peter Kime

IMG_0417IMG_0432 Crazy Horse Rally 2015 review by Ken Hager

The Two State Tour

Saturday 20 September Corryong

A bright clear crispy morning greeted the willing participants of the 2014 Crazy Horse Rally. A very filling breakfast was had by all willing and able to make it to the 7:30am start. After that it was time to assemble the various motorcycles into formation in front of the motel for a 9:15 departure. (All of the vehicles started and ran the entire day with no dramas along the way.) We were led by the local IIRA member Gary Hogg to our first stop, Paddy’s Falls. Water was falling and it was a very picturesque setting. Here we indulged in some of Gary’s work – buns and biscuits.  Then it was off to Tumbarumba for fuel for the thirsty Indians and coffee/tea/hot chocolate for the thirsty riders. The latter was at the 4 Bears Cafe, duly decorated in stuffed bears of all sizes. Then it was back to the harsh reality of riding on roads through more beautiful countryside in a sunny warm windless Spring day; heading towards Jingellic NSW via Mannus. The Bridge Hotel supplied us with more food and drink. A raffle was held here for 3 helicopter rides. Only one of the 3 winners eventually went on the ride later in the day. The other two offered their rides to other members for differing reasons. After filling ourselves we started the gently sweeping and undulating path back to Corryong on the Murray River Road. The views vary from the flat river valley to hills to the snow covered mountain peaks in the distance. After a stop at Farran’s Scenic Lookout for photos of snow covered mountain peaks (this was the only stop without food!) it was onwards to Corryong to display the bikes at the Steam and Vintage Vehicle Rally. Once there each member looked at the vehicles of interest to him or the other stuff on sale. Some members had more to eat. The final ride of the day was back to the motel for preparation to  attend the evening meal at the hotel nearby-walking distance. Meals were good and delivered in a timely manner. While there we had another raffle for one item – a leather jacket donated by Indian Motorcycles Australia and New Zealand. With much banter and excitement within the group the draw revealed Phil Nuske as the lucky winner. Mr K lodged a protest as he wanted the jacket that fitted him so well! To cajole him there was a re-draw and the winner of that was also Phil Nuske! So, it was back to the whiskey for Mr K. After returning to the motel, there were informal discussions about the day’s events and some events in the past before we retired for the evening and the ride home.

Farewell Tour 2014   

Sunday 21 September 2014 Corryong

As the Crazy Horse Rally came to a close we gathered again in front of the motel for a final ride. Not all members made this ride as some had to return home. After breakfast at the motel and the obligatory group photos we headed out to the Khancoban Dam, part of the Snowy Mountain Scheme. Nice road to the dam with some hills and many curves. Once at the dam we parked on it, took in the magnificent views and proceeded to enlighten others with stories. Some seemed plausible, some seemed highly likely, and some seemed to stretch the truth! The return trip was back the way we came, with some members returning to the motel to pack their things, including their bikes. Others continued  on to their final destinations. For one person that was a full two day ride. Unlike music group farewell tours this was short and quick. Hopefully, more members will be able to attend the 2015 Crazy Horse Rally.

Ken Hager

Ride Report 07/09/14 IMG_0410IMG_0409IMG_0408IMG_0411IMG_0406

A beautiful Father’s Day Ride. We left Laverton with 3 Indians, 1 half-breed, 1 clone and 1 Made in India bikes. Proceeded to Anakie without incident enjoying the easy pace while basking in the sun! Roll into Anakie and meet the Pres with his Indian, making 4 in total. When we are ready to leave, all but one bike will start. The owner tried many options to get it started but no go. The Pres walks over to it, gives it a stern look and a healthy kick and it starts. Hmm? From then on that bike behaved! We headed off to the You Yangs and enjoyed the view across to Melbourne along with the hundreds of other people there. After winding our way out of the park we headed to Little River for lunch at the hotel, sans the Pres as he had other commitments. An enjoyable lunch was had with 3 fish & chips and 1 calamari & chips consumed with much gusto and much talking. Then a quick fuel stop for those needing it after 100 km! We split into 2 groups, one taking the direct way to  Melbourne via the Princes Highway and the other more or less backtracking to Weribee. From Weribee is was every rider for himself. About 150 km in total.

Ken Hager

The above photo’s are of Steve York showing the fuel dipstick and handbrake chock also his wife’s Chrissy dog this is a 1928 Austin Seven 10HP that is comfortable cruising at 70kph!


Ride Report 3 August 2014

One year ago, I (and a couple of hundred other people) was is Sydney (Ashfield really) witnessing the reveal of the all new Indian motorcycle. Today, two Indian Chief Vintages, Springfield Blue (#1) and Indian Motorcycle Red (#73) lead and followed an interesting collection of Springfield Indians to New Gisborne. Along the way we had three stops for one bike which needed more spark than the battery could supply while another decided it wanted some attention and stalled. Peter K was unable to attend due to the ill health of his wife. I had arranged with him earlier to lead the pack to New Gisborne via some backroads rather than the Calder Highway as he had planned. Must have been a good selection of roads as Ian Rook hadn’t been on some of them! We got to Richard’s place, looked at his collection of vehicles, the guy has way too much time on his hands. Even the alpacas and dogs seemed to be contented from all the attention they receive. After morning tea (read lunch time snack as it was nearly noon) served by Deanna, Richard’s wife, and as it turns out, a former student of mine, we head off to Motobean in Malmsbury. The Springfields did not come with us for a variety of reasons, but we did pick up another Indian, a couple of Truimphs and some H-D types. More backroads and no freeway travel and we arrive at Motobean by 1:30pm. Only an hour behind schedule! Food and drink was had by some of us, while others headed over to the hotel for a more liquid lunch. #1 and #73 departed and took the direct but boring path home which gave us a chance to engage the cruise control feature. The temperature feature recorded a range from 7 to 14 degrees for the day. A day of little wind and blue sky. A nice day for a ride.

Ken Hager #239

iron indian ride 2-6-13 iron indian ride 2-6-132 Phillip & Dorothy in the USA Dear all Finally got to a Wi-Fi location so I can communicate again!  It has been hectic.  Our night in Paris was wonderful and walking around on Sunday reminded me how much I love Paris (really must get you there some time).  Unfortunately all the shops (except for a few touristy type) were closed and signs in the windows showed massive sales!! Poor moi! The airport experience was not fun – first of all I calculated the days wrong for our time in the states – as Phillip is not a resident he can only stay 90 days. When I booked our return flight I thought okay – 3 months 10 June to 10 Sept!! WRONG, I forgot that July and August were 31 days so that put us over – for him at least.  Thank goodness we got to the airport early as it took us 2 hours and $500 POUNDS to correct the overstay so that we return on the 7th of September instead.  The little French man behind the desk at the BA counter would have reminded you of Monsieur Pignot from so many French comedies – leaky fountain pen in an upper shirt pocket – bulging eyes reminiscent of Peter Lorre and a nasal whine to his voice that would put a DeGaulle to shame!  He was helpful in the end but was such a stuff up that when we finally boarded the flight and I checked the boarding passes he gave me for the new return flight…….he still got it wrong!! He printed out a boarding pass for Phillip for the 10th of Sept – as originally booked and one for me for the 7th!  I’m not the one who needs to leave!!!!!!!!!!!! I could have screamed and was nearly in tears as the only seats left were in the last row of the plane. Finally boarded and immediately popped a 5mg valium and ordered a vodka orange (screwdriver) – which the matronly air hostess gave me a double! I was cactus by 2 in the afternoon when were finally gliding smoothly across the Atlantic! The flight would have been uneventful except for the baby in front of us next to the teenage mum who could care less that it howled most of the flight!!! Chicago was a welcome sight.Okay so we are approaching passport control and I go into the U.S. citizen line with Phillip in tow. Now considering recent terrorist activity, the U.S. is very jumpy and serious when you enter and even about to enter – full security screen at CDG before we left even Paris.  I had told Phillip to just stay behind me and don’t open his mouth – he was a bit grumpy after the restless flight over. All non-residents have to be fingerprinted and a photo taken and so did he. The passport control officer was not smiling when he couldn’t get Phillip to put his hand then thumb on the scanner and Phillip started to mouth off at him – I could imagine pistols being drawn at this point and my husband being taken away in cuffs! Quick thinking I said to the officer – sorry sir – he’s deaf! For which he said he was sorry then proceeded to shout at Phillip what he wanted him to do. Meantime I landed a hard left elbow into his ribcage and his photo upon entry to the U.S. shows a grimaced but welcome man!!We spent only 2 days at my sister’s in Chicago before loading up their cars (van and a truck) and headed west! Just ahead of some fierce thunderstorms we left the heat and humidity of Illinois and drifted across the rolling hills of Iowa crossing the swollen Mississippi in our wake. It is early June and all the farmland was planted and showing signs of a heavy harvest. Vehicles are for the most part new, lots of infrastructure work going on and suddenly America looks like the Land of Plenty again – signs of prosperity as abundant as the roadside flowers.  We left behind a massive storm system with golf ball sized hail and winds that uprooted even the sturdiest elms in budding cottonwoods I-80 is not the most impressive interstate in the country but we followed a ribbon-like flow of undulating prairie across Nebraska – again fields ploughed closely with grain and not a fallow space anywhere – truly the farmers of America are doing well.The forest fires in Southern Colorado filled the entire front range with a smoky haze and we didn’t see the majestic rise of the foothills until we were nearly in them. Estes Park is a small hamlet nestled at the end of the Big Thompson River canyon at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park – one of the largest and oldest parks in America – est. 1915. The park boasts Trail Ridge Road which is the highest continuous highway in the U.S .We have a lovely house (belongs to a friend of my sisters) in the pine forest just outside of Estes. Unfortunately no phone or internet reception and Phillip and I are finally getting used to not being connected with the outside world!  There are 8 of us in the house with a 2 year old….need I say more – most activities revolve around playing with pine cones (bowling for chipmunks) and arranging the next meal. Phillip, of course, has found a seat amongst the quaking Aspen trees where he sits in the afternoon to enjoy a brew or two. At first this was his time for reflection and gazing at Longs Peak (14,000 foot peak in the park) but he gradually has allowed the rest of us to share in his merriment and has dubbed us the ‘Beer o’clock Club”!We have managed to get in some wonderful hikes and that puts me right in my element. I have taken lots of photos and will get some up on facebook when I have a chance. Inline image 1 Us at 10,000 feet – a little over 3,000 meters above sealevel – it was our most difficult hike to date but getting in shape for bigger ones when we get to Aspen. Must sign off for now as everyone in the library keeps staring me down for the workstation Lots of Love,Phillip and Dorothy Phillip & Dorothy White”s  Adventures in Europe continues Some time in the wonderful 1960’s or early 70’s, Alan Sherman wrote and sang a song about a boy who goes off to Camp Grenada and writes a forlorn letter home saying how awful it is and he wants to come home: “Let me come home if you miss me, I will even let Aunt Bertha hug and kiss me!!” Then suddenly things change: ” Wait a minute, it stopped hailing, Guys are swimming, guys are sailing, Playing baseball, gee that’s better, Muddah Fadduh kindly disregard this letter. After what seemed to be an interminable cold snap, a Mistral or two thrown in for bad measure, bike bits strewn from here to Holland, and the house feeling like the Bates Motel at night with shutters closed and its eerie silence ……. the American’s arrived!!  Like liberated France, I took to them naturally it seemed (hmmm wonder what the connection was ????) and welcomed them upon our frosty shores with grilled salmon on a bed of butter bean mash smothered in a hot Roquefort-laced cream sauce, honey roasted/caramelized walnut and pear salad, perfect foie gras and, of course – rich chocolate brownies blanketed with dark chocolate ganache!  All washed down with no less than 21 bottles of wine!!  Inline image 2  Hello Muddah – What A Hangover!!! 4 days of frivolity ensued and I’m sure we kept the snails, bats and peacocks awake with our revelry Yes, the Darling Buds of May have finally arrived in Provence and I am a young girl again running down a country road and hoping I won’t stumble in the shoes always too big for me and laces never tied!! I’m off in the woods of North America wandering amongst the trees and roadside flowers I love so much – the delicate glossy-petaled buttercup, iris in all colours that would make Van Gogh blush and the intoxicating fragrance of lilac filling the air. Inline image 3 I love the landscape and the familiarity that is somehow innate within me for all things north of the equator! The birds, the bees and the cherry trees all sing their song of Spring in accented notes that wash away the years and make me feel at home! So for all the prior ramblings of being homesick and forlorn……in the words of Alan Sherman: Muddah, fadduh kindly disregard past postings!! The pool is finally filled with a cold splash, the Americans have retreated – as is their want when on foreign soil and the Aussies have come to town. Spewing about the state of the nation and economy and in search of the perfect Hot, Soy Latte!! The coffee is really not that good here but we made do at a charming little café tucked in the heart of St Remy that just so happened to have a 3 piece jazz combo to serenade us sipping our grande crème!! – see my Facebook page for a video of the street scene and music! Wendy and I have spent a lovely week together – shopping, talking, cafeing, talking, hiking, talking and talking.  Les rented a bicycle and took a 4 day self-guided tour of the Luberon. I have been chauffeur for Wendy and John F. and we spent several days exploring yet another charming French village perched on a hillside and uncovering gastronomic delights. The old BSA continues to puzzle Phillip and he spends most of his days in the garage, scratching his head and peering into the jumble of nuts, bolts, crankcase and pistons that he miraculously has re-assembled into a moving machine! He is still trying to work out an oil pressure problem but the bike is rideable if not reliable! He and John are off in Hoppie (our car) for a ‘roadtrip’ to Trebes in the Languedoc region of France for some one on one bonding and philosophizing on the internal workings of 1950’s machines! Pit stops, of course, along the way to yet another local vineyard to imbibe! We are happy and healthy but life is not without its challenges – I can’t find a place to get my nail done??? Can’t wait to get to the States for a manicure, pedicure and heaps of Mexican Food! We are off on the 9th of June and back here on the 10th of September. The landlord has already confirmed that we can have the house and his car for our next stay. We are already looking forward to another round of mis-pronunciations, mis-conceptions and mastering meringue!! Sleep well all and stay in touch. lots of love Dorothy & Phillip Phillip White & Dorothy Le Claire’s Adventures in Europe A10 2 Dear all.  Okay – we are finally back but not exactly as we wanted to arrive!!!! The bike broke down outside of Amsterdam – about 1.5 hours into our big adventure!  This is the barren field and windmill just off the road where we suddenly heard this loud crunching/mechanical noise. We pulled off the motorway into a petrol station – thank god – and Phillip proceeded to take the bike apart to the dismay of some young ‘go-fast’ riders who had pulled in behind us to have a look.  He couldn’t see anything so we got back on to try to limp it at least to a town – supposedly only 5km away….We pulled back out onto the motorway and about 1 km along it suddenly made a very loud bang!!! and stopped completely. We were so awestruck by this time ourselves that neither of us said a word and the noise just seemed to suck all of the air out of the surrounding area – it was really weird!  We pushed it then to the next exit – thank goodness only about a km and down the ramp into what we thought was another servo – it was but remember this was Sunday and nothing open!!!! The servo though does give petrol if you use a credit card at the pump. As we were nearly in tears at this stage – along came a white van with the name of some company on the side and Phillip about tackled the guy explaining our plight and offering money if he would take us to the nearest hotel in the next town. The guy had two children in the front seat in baby seats but did help Phillip get the bike in the back along with him in the total darkness and said I could ride up front with him and the kids…….only problem is the child seats took up all the front seat except for the driver’s seat so I had to stand with my back to the windscreen and my face about two inches from the 2 year old. He kept beating my face with his crushed drink box and pelting me in the stomach with his little shoes!  At one point I asked the man what he did – said he was a builder and had his kids for the day as his wife was at work. So I asked what the wife did……….she’s a cop! I’m standing in a van – no seatbelt with my big red ass (don’t forget I had my big red down jacket on as we were on the bike) plastered across half of the windscreen!  I was not exactly thinking about taking pix but wish I had. 14 km. later – a bit more than the 5 we were considering pushing the bike – he dropped us off at a motel and I waddled in to see if they had a room – I swear I would have dropped on the floor if they were full. Luckily they had a room – Phillip gave the guy a $50 – offered him $100 but he wouldn’t take it – and we fell into the bar for a long night of tales of whoa and broken dreams! NOTHING is open on Sunday so we couldn’t check out the car hire situation or shipping arrangements until the next day.  Two bottles of wine later we had definitely decided we would take whatever car they had and Phillip would break down the bike further and we would put it in the boot if we had to – sounded like a good idea at the time!! Remember a rod was sticking out of the crankcase and it was hemoraghing oil. Phillip had locked it up near a bush for the night in hopes that most of the oil would drain out before morning. Monday – rang Europcar only to find out they had no French cars as we were wanting to drop in Avignon or Aix if possible and this was Holland. Phillip was about to hang up when the man said well….he did have a large van with French plates and if we wanted we could have that at small car rates if we wanted to take that and drop in Avignon!  Phillip about choked and couldn’t answer fast enough that we would take it. A quick taxi ride to Europcar in Breda and we were back at the motel by 10:30 with the task of loading up – how do you get a motorcycle into a 9 seater – brand new Mercedes van???? Phillip had to take out the seats (off their tracks) and go to the nearby McDonalds to get some young lads to help him lift the bike into the back of the van!! Voila! We checked out about noon and headed south. The motorway through Antwerp was a nightmare and I was driving with Phillip holding the GPS that by now had lost its voice for some strange reason even though he hot-wired it to the battery he took out of the bike….Twice when he wanted me to turn right from one motorway onto another I had to cross the hatched area and go down into the ditch before coming out on the exit – I’m sure there were some swearing truck drivers behind me but somehow we made it out and were on our way to France at last! Stopped for the night in the champagne region at a lovely hotel/vineyard. The food was magnificent (as all French food is) and a good night’s sleep was a welcome repas!  Tuesday woke to thundering rain and it was another nightmare on the paige with trucks spraying gallons of water across the road and into my windscreen as Phillip kept saying faster, faster!  To say our marriage has lasted this adventure is an understatement!  Pulled into St. Remy about 7 last night and were very happy to be home. Beautiful blue sky – no rain, flowers out everywhere. Much different picture than the morning we left at 2 degrees and rain. Returned the hire van with no problems and the broken bike is safely in to huge under house garage come workshop at our house. It is beautiful here now and lots more people about/in town. We are off on a motorcycle trip next week for 3 days – Neil (Friend) had a trip to Cevennes with some overseas customers and wants us to come along to help – chat and drink with  – I’m sure not really a hard role for us to play. Then we will settle down for a week or two and May will roll around and you will be here! Hurray. Can’t wait to see you both. As Phillip has the bike to fix now we won’t be planning Turkey until he finds out more about what he needs to arrange in the way of parts. He has lots of contacts here in Europe and they have already all offered to help in some way. So that was our adventurous trip to Scotland! It was barely above zero most days and certainly below zero most nights of our 10 day stay. Andrew and Elaine Wilson are old bike chums of Phillip’s and they live in a charming, old stone house in a small town outside of Edinburgh called Haddington.  They were very hospitable and Elaine had taken a few days off work to show me around. We spent a day in Edinburgh and saw all the sites of the Castle, Royal Mile, Museum, etc.  No shopping in that part of the UK as I found the prices very high and the exchange rate too low for my liking.  Elaine is a very good cook so between us we ate very well every night. They boys would work in Andrew’s large workshop and we would sit around a large fire at night watching old British motorcycle series (Quest) not sure if you ever heard of it. Watched the Wild One with Marlon Brando one night a well, took long walks along the Firth of Fourth and generally had a very nice time despite the cold. Dorothy Le Clair


 Sunday 3rd of Feb, the IIRA first club ride for the year Daryl Colt kindly organized a great tour. We meet at the Shell Laverton out bound service station 9am for a 9.30 blast off. A great number of fellow riders gathered around wondering what was it and how can one ride an Indian Chief ? At the blast off moment Ian Rhook calls to say that he’s just leaving his home, so everyone fought hard the urge to rev up and go! Bonnie and I did back up in our car, a pleasure to see the fine country ahead in Holden’s finest. That Cheeky Mr Rhook and his trusty seven forty and a one finally putt putts into view Chitty chit sounds was signal to all that had there bikes to start kicking there Indians to life. Well that said the only ones kicking the starters were Daryl and Rhook as the other eight bikes were of the push button VROOM VROOM variety, stamped out on the shores of the great rice consuming nations. The weather was a little over cast in the morning and cleared up soon enough, into this Daryl led us all into the back roads skirting Mount Cotterell heading for Bacas Marsh. Here we found in the town sporting grounds a car show, live bands and many folk. Daryl looked at his watch and aloud us one hour to have a look around, if we stayed for three hours i don’t think we would have scratch the surface. As many cars of all types kept rolling in. Our two shy members were stopped by the ticket lady telling them; “entry five bucks walking in or with your bikes love ” Both men looked at one another as if deciding were to make the first insition in theater. The others looked at there Jap bikes and said ” nah stuff it ” Finally the Harley camp was ruffeled as the sight of the only Indians rolled into there patch. We walked a wee bit saw lots of interesting Machinery as we drank our coffees, the stand out would have to have been a rusty old 34 chev lowerd into the weeds copped roof that would make a midget uncomfortable running a big block truck motor straining under the wait of an enormous blower. What exhausts? only short eight inch pipes screaming look at me and the plates read WAKEUP ! Back on the road again we headed for Meredith, the pleasent roads made for easy riding for the old bikes, the bush land was yellow mostly, needing a good drink from above. One road began to steepen then suddenly hairpinned to the right to climb even higher, this would have tested our two heros. Meredith pub was happy to see us good folk, they showed there kindness with delicious food that we all enjoyed . From here we headed to Anakie then turned to the last stop the You Yangs . Here we looked over the great land we call home views that seem to go for ever. Stevie on his trusty Bonnie meet us telling us stories of times gone by. i kept seeing a great late Rod Leaman, for my last time at this sacrad place Rod came too as back up in Ken the fwd. Well from here we all headed for home, Daryl did us all proud a great day out was had by all, check out the pics. Sammy Many many requests on FaceBook for the Gypsie Tour 2012 Article which has been held back for the Smoke Signal’s now that is out I have re-produced it here, the esteemed contributor Phillip White pictured above has written another great article for you to enjoy (click on the links below) Gypsie Tour 2012  Link  (note: 295 pictures, these will take some time to download) Gypsie Tour 2012 article Harold Parsons Winter rally report by Daryl Colt August 2012 The Little River Run August 2012

Happy travellers at Little River: (l to r) Daryl, Chrissy, Steve, Phillip and Mark. The Little River Run turned up an interesting mix of machinery – even by our standards – plus one of two challenges for young Chris Horner.The bikes included two Gilroy Chiefs, a Kings Mountain bike, a rigid frame Army Scout, a plunger rear Sport Scout (albeit using Holden power rather than its own) a BSA Hornet, two Bonnevilles, a Virago, plus a Springfield Chief.Horner’s lovely Sport Scout is still at the being-sorted stage and ended up throwing in the towel. Which meant Peter Kime dashed off to the rescue with his trusty HR Holden. That wasn’t before Horner had the unusual thrill of pushing a motorcycle over the Westgate Bridge.So does he have any advice for anyone thinking of undertaking this unusual form of exercise? ”Don’t,” is the emphatic response ”And if you do, don’t look back!” Apparently the sight of six solid lanes of angry traffic heading straight at you is a somewhat daunting one, but in the end it all ended well. The Little River pub was flat out and serves a pretty decent meal. Also, Ian Rhook did his usual great job of finding some weird and wonderful back roads. Ian Rhook on his Scout.

Anniversary Run 2012 They said it wouldn’t last, 2nd Anniversary Run since our Association was founded, we all went to Noojee Trout Farm for a BBQ, the day started grey & overcast & temp was going to be 16C , unfortunately Daryl Colt & Peter Kime pulled out at the last moment & a couple of others that were worried about rain that never really came, so “eat your heart out”. Our V-Prez was on his new Dark Horse one of ten made in this fetching blue colour, everyone admired it which was good to see, Mark also modelled his genuine Indian leather jacket so that was in good use on the day as well.The ride was fairly easy Mark was tail-end Charlie & managed to not crash into any older Indian’s while enjoying the slow running in period, Chris Horner was on his 1966 Bonneville as the newly acquired 1941 Sports Scout is not yet finished Stevie & partner Chrissy were on the Bavarian Indian as I once was told by a IMCA Committee member! Thanks to Chrissy for a sterling job with the supplies for lunch sausages, vegetables, sauces,drinks & cooking the fish we all caught, Sammy Vella was in his element must be the Maltese blood, they all love fishing we had a fabulous day plenty to eat & amongst good friends Rod Leamon & his mate were in the Toyota Land- Fill (Cruiser) and carried all the food Connie & Paul brought the kids to highlight that we are a family orientated Association, Mark’s fiancé, Sandi turned up later in the afternoon enthusiastic as ever it was good to see her as well in all a great day roll on 3rd Anniversary Run

03 Apr 2012 | Guido ponders the mysteries of hearing as a diagnostic tool… ( Thanks to Motorcycle Trader Magazine for this article & of course Guido Allen)
Why is it blokes can often pick a vehicle by its sound? Ms M Snr occasionally indulges in a little field experiment. She’ll hear a motorcycle coming and ask, “What’s that?” While I can’t often pick the make, I can at least take a pretty good stab at the numbers of cylinders, configuration and type of bike. When I’m right, she wanders off shaking her head, muttering things along the lines of, “How do you blokes do it? What’s wrong with you?”Move on to Sunday morning. She and I are in front of the shed, having just given her SV650 a bit of a going-over, when a familiar sounds pops into hearing. It’s the unmistakable rattle and roll of a Springfield Indian Chief – examples of which I’ve had far too much contact with in recent months. “That’ll be Pilgrim,” I comment and, when it turns out to be the very same, Ms M starts to worry that all those exhaust fumes have turned muggins psychic.Actually, it wasn’t difficult. I knew young Mr P had recently got a 1947 model running which, in one of his less poetic moments, he named ‘Black Bastard’, or BB for short. He’d emailed across the pics and it was only a matter of time before he turned up to show it off.One thing I love about this game is that even hardened industry folk like Pilgrim get excited about a new toy and have to display it to their mates.BB looks fantastic. Get up close and you’ll see the paint is less than perfect and the bike has its share of scrapes and bruises. But that’s fine by me. I quite like a bit of patina on old motorcycles – rat bikes actually annoy me, but some dignified ageing can add something to a machine.I have a particular interest in BB, as Pilgrim has promised it to me for the upcoming Great Race, the Harley versus Indian run. While I have an Indian of my own, a 2003 model doesn’t make the cut, as it has to be a Springfield (1953 or earlier) product.So BB and Phil are out for the first post-assembly shake-down run. He’s already discovered the speedo has gone to lunch, and the front brake is just as useless as that on every other 1947 Indian, but is otherwise happy. It starts easily and is generally behaving.He demonstrates a few quirks I’m going to have to get used to: like the three-speed hand shift with foot clutch, plus the manual advance/retard on the left twist grip. It could be much worse. At least the shift is on the left and the throttle on the right – ‘real men’ use the opposite setup, which was common on Indians of the period.Having made all the appropriate admiring ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ noises, we send Pilgrim on his way for the remainder of his test run.Some hours later, the silence is broken by a knock on the door. We’re surprised by an extremely hot and bothered Pilgrim (so much for my alleged psychic powers). In an apparently brave attempt to save the world’s dwindling petroleum resources, he has just been pushing his Chief in 32-degree weather. It’s not a good look.Once he recovers the power of speech, we learn the culprit seems to be a dud fuel filter. In some ways I find it comforting that even a mechanic with his experience can get caught out occasionally. A cold drink, a few tools and a bit of spare hose are enough to see him off the premises. It gave pause for thought. How good would it be if our hearing was sensitive enough to not just identify a motorcycle, but accurately diagnose its ailments on the run? Sadly, I so far only understand two extremes of the possible spectrum: ‘Haggeda, haggeda, boomph!’ and silence. And neither of them is good.

  A small report on The Great Race kindly forwarded by Rally Co-Ordinator David Reidie Indian Make it Two in a Row 2012 Good day out for a ride to Williamstown  BIKES by the Bay 2012

Good day out for a ride to Williamstown ,had to drive – 1 bike in Tassie,2 bikes having surgery. Arrived at 9:30am and the bikes were rolling in to the Seaworks shed. Spent couple of hours wandering around the bikes on display and watching more bikes roll in. The weather outside was perfect and it was just as good watching the Boats on the Bay as it was watching Bikes by the Bay. Excellent display and variety of bikes, from Ducati desmo 250 , Chris’s Invincible Jap look resplendent with its wicker side car , Leigh Goodall”s Brough look alike with the Harley motor to a whole range of Jap / English and American bikes. Counted about 8 Indians , only a handful of old Harleys (Lot of new Harleys). 1 Harley that really stuck out was a very well restored civilian WLA, although you needed sunglasses for the bright Yellow and Red colour scheme. Some very nice Ducatis , always fancied a 250 or 450 Desmo, the 250 on display was done up nicely as a café racer. A V- twin you do not see much of was a 350 Morini, 2 units on display, very pretty and delicate looking bike.The Williamstown Club have been doing Bikes by the Bay for quite awhile now and it only seems to be getting better – always a good turn up. Caught up with Mark at his Zorros Apparel stand , business was brisk even had an enquiry to join the club from a bloke interested in joining the club who had a 58 Enfield Indian. As I was about to leave Sammy rode in on his Indian and Rod and Ian arrived also to have a club get together around Sammy’s bike. Sammy struck some striking poses on his Indian for those wanting to take advantage of a photo opportunity Missed Stevie on his BMW, he arrived as I left. Left at 11:00am and as I went down Williamstown road there were still more old bikes on the way in, I would say that the shed would have been packed in the afternoon as there was not much room when I left. Peter Kime 

LAKES AND CRATERS RUN 18th 19th FEBRUARY 2012 Ride to Pt Cook Air Museum February 5th 2012 Last run for 2011 on the Peninsula  The Vic Creswick run and shed tour got a good turn-out, though not everyone made it.

Creswick Run (Vic) – Nov 7, 2011

The gang surveys the visual delights of the Bacchus Marsh countryside.
Surveying the morning weather report was a mixed bag: hot day, turning to thunderstorms in the afternoon. It looked like Association ride mascot Chief Rain in the Face was lining up a special treat. In any case a gang of nine lined up at the departure point in Deer Park, with five Springfield Chiefs, a Gilroy, plus three Japanese products – all of them V-twins! Ian Rhook played tour leader, until the local fauna decided otherwise. Up to that point he’d led us on a fantastic little mystery tour of the backroads towards Ballarat and Creswick, when he suddenly stopped, got off the bike and started staggering around in circles. It wasn’t, as it turned out, a demonstration of the new club touring dance, but the poor chap had been hit in the face by a bee and was suffering a nasty allergic reaction. He was bundled off to hospital, while Peter Kime kindly sorted out the bike. The good news is Ian is now fine, if a little miffed he missed out on the trip.
Chris Horner shows some appreciation for Daryl’s choice of motorcycle…
We were to meet up with Don McRae and spouse Yvonne, in Creswick, for a tour of the gent’s shed. The catch was we had no idea what either of them look like – how would we recognise them? It turned out the 1924 Chief outfit was a bit of a give-away. The American Hotel was the lunch venue. Don’t order a meal unless you’re really hungry. The serves are big and the food tasty.  
It looks like we’ve pulled up at the right place…
Don is quite a character, with several old Indians in various states of repair, plus a number of modern bikes, including a Suzuki TLR1000 and a customised Buell. We fell in love with his immaculate Matchless single, and ogled the sparse frame parts of his vintage BSA, being prepared for a cross-continent run. He has a substantial engineering shop in place and reckons it’s a good thing he’s retired – otherwise he’d have no hope of keeping up with the resto projects.  
Chris K… and owner Don McRae (right) chat over the 1924 Chief outfit. That’s Margaret in the background – she came along on her Suzuki.
As it turned out, Chief Rain- in- the Face was in a good mood. We copped only a tiny amount of rain, so the ride home was a quick jaunt back down the freeway. Our thanks to Don and Yvonne for the quick backroads run, the shed tour and of course the conversation and the tea! Healesville Run 04/09/11

Healseville Ride Weekend by Stevie Higginbotham  (click Highlight)   Yea Run (Vic) 07/08/2011 Four souls ventured out into some notoriously moody weather for the Yea run on August 7: Phil Pilgrim (1947 Chief), Phillip White (1953 Police Chief), Vice-President Mark Barthelmie (Indian-less that weekend and therefore on his Hogley) plus Guy Allen (2003 Gilroy Chief). We tripped over the local Aston Martin club in Strath Creek, the members of which steadfastly refused offers of a swap…something to do with the impending rain, apparently. They did offer us large slices of delicious buttered date loaf for morning tea stop which we “Hogged Down” (sorry, Mark). Lunch was in Yea, where it rained but only while we were eating. The run home was finished by 3.00pm – still very cold but enjoyable. Pilgrim obliged with the token breakdown, with his ammeter bezel making a bid for freedom. Fortunately it was unsuccessful. Presidents Report 2011 ( double click highlight) Bikes by the Bay April 2011   SITTING BULL RALLY March 2011 by Phillip White  (Click highlighted area for full report)     Iron Indian Riders Midnight Express Run.2011 as reported by Guy Allen Editor of M/cycle Trader/ BikePoint We started in Mill Park, north of Melbourne, at (coincidentally) midnight, and blundered around in the dark for a few hours.The experience convinced Yours Etc of two things: I really would like an old Indian in the shed; And, temporarily dodgy knee aside, there’s nothing wrong with a gallop on your Triumph Daytona 1200, no matter what time it is. Travelling at well past witching hour with a couple of 60-plus-year-old Indians is a little surreal, and probably the best medicine you could ask for. Sharing a coffee at 3.30 in the morning, and slithering home an hourlater, changes your outlook on life and makes you concentrate on the basics. Stick to the saddle and get home FEBRUARY BEAFORT RUN 2011 by Phillip White Sammy Vella’s Review of the Tassie Tour (Click on link  Titus on Tour of Tassie 2011) is a great read for the people that missed out this is how it all panned out, “eat your heart out” The Midnight Express Run 2010 by Phil Pilgrim Maldon Meander 2010 by Phillip White