Zorros have a developed a reversible solution to address the legislative requirement for a brake lamp on older Motorcycles used on the road.

In particular Indians Harley-Davdisons Hendersons Ace and  many other US manufactured motorcycles used a small Chicago supply round tail lamp between the 20s and 30’s.

Th solution provides for the existing single pole bulb holder to be removed from the tail lamp assembly and replaced with a new body and insulator with a 6 or 12v LED board with 16 dual intensity LEDs for running and stop lamp function with an additional 2 LED to provide light to the registration plate thru the clear window.

Due to the small size of the tail lamp these lights prove difficlut to convert to a dual pole bulb holder notwithstanding that they need to be irreconcilably modified to provide a brake light to enable legal use on the road.

The conversion cn be carried out in around 40 mins with no permanent modifications required, no drill or cutting is needed and the whole assembly can be put back to original condition in a similar time.

As well as providing the brake light function the LED has additional benefits in terms of reduce power draw brighter light and improved durability.

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Selling price is expected to be $249.95 and is only available from Zorro’s tel Mark on 0433106669 or email sales@zorros.net.au