Proposed Constitution and whats in it for you

Your new Committee have been hard at work and by now you will notice that of the 19 agenda points raised at the Committee meetings over 16 have been acted on already, the copies of the minutes have been sent to all financial members by now. So what are all the items on the agenda, read and find out but the current committee has done more in a month than has happened since the association has started in 2010 and this I know because I and a couple of others have  been around since then, the thing is though all the committee members from day one in 2010 till now have all given up their time and put in bloody hard work to make sure you are enjoying yourself, I believe that’s the basis of this Association and even know somebody will always “grumble”we are in there for the majority not the minority and that’s where our strengths lie. The Classic example of this was on the weekend it was one of the best and enjoyable Crazy Horse Rallies we have ever had and I believe all that attended would agree, we changed a few things and with a great ride and perfect weather, personally I was in heaven. Your new Committee has planned a few more “surprises” next year 2017 with Chris Horner organizing a new 4 day Rally in Dunkeld somewhere in March it is a “hub” type rally based on the very successful Gypsy Tour format more on this later. Also plans are afoot for the Christmas Party to be held at Owen Jones’ new property as the Gisborne event has been cancelled, more on these events in the future. So the proposed Constitution, its been on the website in Members Area’s  and will go in Smouldering Embers e-mag next week you have 21 days and the proxy form or attend the meeting this needs to be acted on pronto then its off to Corporate Affairs to be approved after that, to all those involved, Daryl Colt, Ken Hager, Chris Horner, Peter & Helen Hale, Martyn Goodwyn, Guy Allan, Mark Barthelmie, Peter Kime, and others on the previous and current committee’s that have all had a go at getting it to this form we are grateful and thank you. The light is in the tunnel and we need to go forward, most members wont notice any difference at all and thats the way its meant to be.