When’s to old to ride?


This is probably one of the best questions out there for some of our older members the simple answer to it is never it keeps you young but in reality you seem to know yourself as the bike may feel unwieldy actually you may have had a medical procedure and your strength to man-handle or even kick your machine to life can be daunting. I recently read of a guy in Queensland 91 yo old still enjoys riding his motorcycle a 500cc I believe and he’s happy, I have ridden everything from a Munch Mammoth to a Honda Z50 and all configurations from cafe-racers to choppers  and most of the Indians made now and from the past, the bikes I feel either uncomfortable or not confident in that I had owned in the past are now no longer in my garage, they have been replaced with either cruisers or easy riding British bikes and if the weather turns foul unless I’m caught in it I drive a 4 wheeler, I don’t have to prove anything. These days my motorcycling is for my enjoyment so at 64 yo where do I see myself in say 10 years if my expiry date does’nt come up, hopefully still riding my 2015 Scout which suits me to a “T” it’s small and at the moment easy to push around and has a good turn of speed and power, I have raced sidecars in my youth with reasonable success and still have a 1944 Chief with a “chair” its a bit wearing riding it but like the old chap pictured above it does’nt fall over when stopped, this may be a advantage as I get older, most of us have ridden now since they were a teenager and one day inevitably your son or daughter will say “Dad don’t you think your to old to ride a motorcycle now” if your fit the answer is “No” if not it will be a sad day because you have admitted that your old!