Same old, same old

Our friends at the Bendigo Club seem to have the same problems as the IIRA, personally I think a very thought provoking article well worth a discussion at our next Association meeting. A few bikes above that were at the recent Las Vegas auction

The Editor:- Bendigo Historic Motorcycle Club

A proposal for the BHMC Committee and general club members to consider

The sheer number of individuals who want to join our Club, is testimony to the benefits the Club pro- vides especially those of us who ride and drive historic machines and vehicles.

The Club provides fantastic services for members boasting Club rooms that are the envy of many (if not similar Clubs in the region) but it doesn’t just happen. The Club has developed into what it is today, be- cause of the dedicated work put in by many members, especially Rex and Pam Jones. Their input has been stupendous!

However, in spite of record numbers of members joining over the last several years, the Club continues to be plagued by too few members offering to volunteer. The Club needs members to volunteer in the kitchen and out in the field as marshals as well as assisting at working bees etc. While many Club mem- bers will have valid reasons for not being able to put in a term on the Committee many will not.

Surely, any fair minded person will agree that being part of a really good Club at only $50 per year is a benefit we cannot take for granted. Not only does the Club enable us like minded individuals to get to- gether to enjoy one another’s company, it enables us to ride/drive our beloved old machines/vehicles legally and cheaply.

In addition to the requirement that members attend at least three official Club functions annually, I be- lieve members should be expected to contribute by submitting articles for publication in Good Oil, by being kitchen aids, marshalling at runs and assisting at working bees at least once a year. Remember, many hands make light work.

I believe that in order to ensure the Club will be able to fill all Committee positions into the future, new measures are warranted. All applications for membership to the Club must be willing to accept the new condition that (after twelve months experience in the Club) in the event a Committee position cannot be filled, a ballot of all those members affected be taken to fill it.

Failure of a member to accept the nomination to a suitable position without a valid reason could possi- bly lead to the termination of their membership of the Club. By the same token, I suggest that any mem- ber who has served on the Committee for at least one year would be exempt from any further such bal- lots.

As a sweetener, any member who has served on the Committee for at least twelve months should be able to request a, ‘Certificate of Service’ from the Club. A copy of such certificate (enclosed with one’s CV) would probably look good to any would be employer. For your consideration.


Luke van Oosterwijck 15 January 2017