Time to jump to it

This time next week the second event of the year will have “kicked  off” down out Inverloch for the Sitting Bull Rally so hopefully like me you have had the “old Girl” kicked to life and ready for the action (no not the missus), to tell you the truth I’m looking forward to catching up with all the members that take advantage of our excellently organized rallies and this time “hats off” to Noel Thornby he always sets up a great week-end. Of course next month the 4 -5 day event is on at Dunkeld and Chris Horner never fails to provide a great time as his past Gypsy Tours have proved, which by the way is March 2018 will have us doing a Gypsy on the Old Hume Highway to Sydney and returning on the Princes Hwy don’t miss out on this one when eventually the expressions of interest come out it only caters for about 20 and fills up nearly overnight.