The Sidecar option?



I have ridden sidecars now for over 43 years the first was a Vincent Rapide with a double adult sidecar  that I rode down the Motor Registration branch, a daunting trip as I side swiped a EJ Holden no damage to me or the Holden but a full set of Jock”s and a respectful attitude to all sidecars and riders after that. Fast forward a few years and I raced another Vincent outfit quite successfully for 5-6 years so obviously confidence had progressed and I was the Velorex sidecar importer in my buisness and I sold around 80 most I had to fit up to all makes and models some were well suited to a chair others were dubious. So now I still ride outfits I have two one is a a C344 Indian that was brought into Australia with 700 others to stop the “Yellow Siege” as General McArthur said in WW11 meanwhile my Chief started off in Queensland but I bought it in South Australia 60 years later. It is a handful to ride, harsh and badly braked which Im fixing ( news of this soon) I have made it 80 cu and fitted a set of Bonneville cams and followers with a 4 speed overdrive box it sits comfortably on highway speeds, and I have ridden it to Sydney and back in the past, and it’s great for upper body strength. Well by now you see I like outfits which brings me to the Scout above with a special sidecar for 101 model, this would not be fast and when a sidecar is fitted you get 1/3 worse fuel consumption which on a Indian is dramatic as they are intensely thirsty standard is a understatement, imagine if there was a sidecar option on the new Scout but I doubt it,  believe me someone will put one on eventually and man I want to ride it.