To much, And where’s our Scouts?



This advert is being used by Indian in USA promising $1000 off  a new Indian (except Scout) good advertising promotion except extravagant  I would have offered less more like scrap steel price $30 a ton so $16 seems generous. Onto more serious discussions the promised Aussie Scouts that were on the ship for delivery in December then mysteriously disappeared, rumour is the same spec bikes (ABS braked version) are sold in Europe and Aussie, guess who are selling their shipments received in December the bloody Poms, I bet you $10 to a WLA that’s where our shipments gone. Totally bad marketing here, all owners in USA are complaining about -5 degree temperatures the same in Europe so in theory if the Aussies and Kiwi’s had them now lots of press and great feedback, never mind we will get ours in winter as well so nill press on publicity. By the time the bikes hit our summer months for decent riding the new model will be out by over 2 months not great marketing Indian