Sidecars are Go!

Matt Blake of Iron Horse Corral ex Sam Pierce employee, is a extremely talented man, some of you may be aware of his magnificent steel petrol tanks, guards & tinware but I believe he has even over extended himself with this brilliant Indian sidecar which he happily shows in over 20 photo’s on his Facebook page on how to make one! Problem with these guy’s is they all think building such things is basically simple, trust me it isn’t but it makes people like me happy that these skills are still around, the mind blowing thing is this is Matt holding the ALUMINIUM body so to me thats even more difficult to make, whats next Stainless Steel? Chris Knoop has sent a website link about the Australian Goulding Sidecar History (click on link) I know that not many American readers will realise they started here bit like Felix the Cat any way a very good site Chris Horner has got the 1941 Indian Sports Scout today just picked it up from the shippers & seems pleased as Punch with this bike from USA, of course our esteemed author Phillip White was in the Area at the time and never being camera shy had to get in the photo, I reckon a plan will be soon hatched to road test it and give us another article