How to build a Vindian


This is a question soon to be answered by your webmaster, members will be able to get full story in the Members Only  area, but snippets will be posted on Stop Press when milestones are achieved, first thing is a plan or recipe, like cooking you need ingredients, in this case take one Indian preferably 1948 Chief although any model would do from 1940 -53. In this case I have a 1948 Chief which is the same model the factory used to build the first one this will not be a faithful replica as the previous two machines I have been involved in this one will be made to be functional in the 21st Century, good electrics a Cyclecraft generator,BT-H magneto, Amal Concentric carbs,Schonfield front brake conversion, colour will be a combination of Seafoam Blue & Black this represents the Vincent part of the equation, no Chummie seat, but saddle bags & guard tips with a windscreen, 4.1/4 gallon tanks