Stereo-type Images

Is this what a typical H-D rider looks like?









The images of various motorcycle owners always amuse me, I was having a conversation with Mark Barthelmie our V-Prez recently at the Great Race 2012 in March, Mark used to be (in a former life)a committee member of the H.O.G owners in the UK so is well placed to know a Harley -Ferguson owner at 1000 yards in a black-out. Our conversation went “I bet you can pick the H-D rider from a Indian rider I reckon we were 98% right,so what is it with motorcycle riders, car owners are all about the same except Volvo drivers of course, Phillip White has a name for motorcyclists that have to much “Bling” on there machines these a usually big V-Twin owners as well he calls them Chromo- Sexuals, Chris K….p sent me the picture above and goaded me to remark on it, but that was why I wondered why we all think differently about each other on what machine we ride, or in Indian’s case whether it is old enough, stupid isn’t it?