Some history on an infamous Gypsy Tour 1947

Recently I was prompted into doing research on the generic name Gypsy Tour since 1916 & was very surprised how many Clubs & Associations have used this name in the past at the moment there are 70 pages listed on Google alone, the most infamous was the Hollister Gypsy Tour of 1947, Marlon Brando played the lead roll in the movie depiction “The Wild One”. This group were The Booze fighters a group of bikers from L.A I have added a couple of links below. There have been remarks that our proposed International Gypsy Tour in 2012 from W.Aust to Birdwood S.Aust that we have been organising over the last 8 months has a similar name to a Gypsy Tour to Sydney that was run in 2008 by the IMCA, possibly, therefore we will change the name to International Gypsie Tour 2012 spelt as it was  on the original in 1917 so now everyone will be happy. The Brass Monkey Rally has been run by 3 major clubs in Victoria, Vintage Motorcycle Club of Vic, Classic Motorcycle Club of VictoriaIMCA, and again last year Vintage Motorcycle Club of Vic, as far as I know none of the other Clubs have ever asked the Vintage Motorcycle Club if they could use this name,in 2010 there were 2 Rallies run by to separate Motorcycle Clubs using the same name not counting various Automobile Clubs! The IIRA  originally asked the Vintage Club if we could use the Boat Anchor Run a name they had used in the past, before we changed it to the Crazy Horse Rally, someday some one else may have a Crazy Horse Rally ,Sitting Bull Rally, or a Midnight Express Run, Father’s Day Run etc so be it.

History of Gypsy Tours


1947 Hollister Invasion