General News (all good)

Just got off the phone from Cam Cuthill from Indian’s parent company Victory Motorcycles, they are keen to support us as a advertiser on our web-site & sponsor a $200 gift voucher for the Crazy Horse Rally which is only a mere 15 days off. Thanks Victory for the kind donation,all advertisers that need paraphernalia included in our Rally packs please send now so it can be included A.S.A.P.

We are going full bore on the International Gypsie Tour 2012 it was decided to have 2 events one group now flying to Perth & your machine sent by container, we entertained a rail trip but RailAust do not send bikes unless on a trailer with a vehicle attached! At the last meeting a lot of people voted to have another group ride from Melbourne -Adelaide with a stopover on the way there & back so Chris Horner or Murray Morell are the men to contact for the Perth-Birdwood & Phil Pilgrim will do the Melbourne-Adelaide part. This is on in Sept 2012 so organise what you are doing now Expression of Interest Forms will be out in late November with a deposit form.

For the people that ordered Franklin’s Indian’s by Tim Pickering we have negotiated a price of $70 which is $14 off retail price for Association Members only from Pitstop Books thanks Andrew,they are available next week contact Phil Pilgrim, and lastly Happy 60th Stevie Higginbotham for Sunday

Tim Pickering’s New Book

 Just had a call from Tim Pickering about his new book on Charles B Franklin designer of early Indians, which is available from Pitstop Bookshop in Perth, next day delivery ring Andrew or Bob on 1800 622422, Also another Tin Basher who will make anything from a tank to a chainguard for any model Indian provided you have a sample Keith Love 03 99740609 Keith is now listed in our Parts & Repairer’s Area this & the Links area have had a lot of extras added recently


Franklin's Indians