The Week-End & That Timmerman Article

Your V.P (President of Vice) or Vice-president in our case sent a list of Indian Regalia which is highlighted in the Advertiser’ & Regalia area under Zorro’s Advert, Indian Products plenty to buy from the man.

The Vice President’s 12v conversion

The most important article to be printed on Springfield Indian’s since the Old Factory went Bust has to be the Electric Moccasin by Phillip White, we are releasing it first in Smoke Signals magazine October for all our paid-up members then it will be going on our Technical Article’s Area on this web-site in November for the public this is our gift to the Indian community in good faith, so no unscrupulous people can exploit the non-mechanical owner.There are a few YouTube posting’s on Timmerman starters on our Images & Video’s Area but this latest one I have posted here about a unsatisfied customer click on this highlight Electric no-Start

If it’s all out there then anyone can upgrade their own starter with some help, initially this was going in our Member’s Only Area but this was not fair, we believe in sharing all upgrades or information whether it be on Springfield,Gilroy or Kings Mountain Indians as they say “A Indian is a Indian End of Story”