The Rat Bike & Bitza in 21st Century


This picture was on the Triumph Classics Facebook page and it is quite good at summing up what wrong in the Classic restoring industry as it stands. Everyone knows a “Gunner” ” One day I”m gunner restore that there motorsickle in the shed” said the 82-year-old, and I havent had a motorcycle licence since 1962. I had one today that rang with a 1949 Triumph Tiger 100 he was slightly quite when I gave him a price of 300+ hours at $100 an hour plus parts, paint, chrome etc which would it hovering around $20,000+ especially when I told him finished it was worth $15,000 if he was lucky. So some of us have all these odd bits lying around the shed, if you fully intend to build another bike and your seriously collecting bits for it regularly then great, if not sell them to some poor bugger that’s desperately assembling bits to complete a bike and it will be another on the road, also if you don’t ride the bike you own regularly sell it, not to a collector but to someone who will ride it hopefully this will get another generation interested and it will benefit all of us in the long run and who cares if that person has the wrong reflector on his machine as long as he’s enjoying it thats all that counts