Two wars and scrap what it really meant


Two World Wars and lots of equipment is needed but after it’s all over who wants a Bomber, or a Spitfire come to think of it service motorcycles as they are only a temporary means of transport, civilian versions are soon being turned out by various factories, lots get scraped so do trucks, tanks, ships and subs some of the alloy was used to make Vincents as it was plentiful after the war and cheaper than steel, lots of Harley’s served a better more reliable purpose as a kitchen utensil such as a saucepan or frying pan, hopefully a better fate happened to Indian’s but I doubt it. I noticed recently a firm after the war recommissioned Sherman tanks into farm equipment or crude bulldozers, it was cheaper to buy and convert, a neighbour of mine bought a DC-3  and chopped its wings off with an axe and towed it behind his Mk5 Jaguar to Ivanhoe to wreck down in his front yard for cheap bolts, aluminium and other parts & over five years it was quite a hit with us kids and undoubtably at 25 quid, a bargain can you imagine this happening today well no you could”nt or even tow it for that matter, people no longer have large front or backyards and Metro-sexuals and Hipsters have trouble growing beards more or less wielding spanners.