Warranty Problems that Polaris won’t have

1902 Indian

Recently I wrote a article about early Indians and the problems that you had in 1903, which brings me onto a subject that all motorcyclists have had over the years since they were first manufactured a guarantee or now days warranties.So what are some complaints in those days we would be unlikely to find a claim going to Polaris-Indian today, of course mechanical engine failures have always been a issue through the era’s however these days are not at all common. Now in 1901 wood borers on your wooden wheel rims and handlebar grips, of course Ferrous Oxide (rust), lead fatigue, on soldered joints on fuel tanks and oil tanks,weevils in the horse hair of the padding under your leather seat cover,magneto failure, cracked frame, wheel bearing failures, optional gas lighting rubber hose and accumulator deterioration  from carbide corrosion, mechanical Klaxon horn wear, manual oil pump plunger leather washer damage, return oil pump breakdown (total loss),rear chain failures, air filters were not any problem as they never existed, as were riders handbooks or workshop manuals as either the local blacksmith or bicycle mechanic fixed your machine.We mentioned in the previous article finding fuel and oil of any quality in a rural area could the difficult or non-existent, plus the roads were made for horses which is probably why you sold it to by a motocycle from Indian, therefore long distant touring as it is now known would be the next town. Polaris has never had it so good, Indian was suffering flywheel problems into the thirties with oil pump problems as well and in 1932 cast alloy fuel tanks were only a one season model we all know why, vibrations! I wonder what problems a 2014 version will have I bet none of the above.