Will Indians cope with Europe?


Funnily enough last week I was in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, I commented on the bicycles there, I find this period poster appropriate but wonder how much things would have changed since that era. There are tram tracks the bane of all motorcyclists world wide (including Melbourne my capital city) in the wet they are treacherous, dogs,bicycles and Scooters are a huge problem now. Scooter riders share the bicycle paths extensively throughout the cities these run beside the pedestrian footpath and if you step on this path and get hit you are fined all bicycle riders have right of way. Traffic is a problem some roads are still cobblestones or in medieval areas wooden blocks, personally riding any Indian of any era would be a hand full, the older ones more so, the whole of Europe has similar problems fuel is expensive, parking more so Autobahns are very fast but boring, and country roads can have cattle being herded along them for half a hour or more with cow manure in abundance . I can see why small vehicles are the way of life