RACV Total Care / Roadside Assist is a reasonably cheap form of peace of mind cover if your on the side of the road and at a little over $200 a year it covers all your motorcycles, cars, and a allocated second vehicle which in my case is my wife’s that’s around 12 vehicles in all plus if say I’m in your/on someone else’s car/motorcycle as a passenger that’s covered as well, also they will get you home in a 50 klm radius or get you to a workshop, garage, or dealer to get it fixed and or provide a vehicle and accommodation if your on holidays! Pretty impressive you say, an example of this was the manufacturers  roadside cover on my wife’s car was $185 annually and it only covered that car, you can see why RACV Total Care was on my agenda, recently it “lunched” a ESL (electronic steering lock) at 4.30pm on a Friday night so the “stealer” (dealer) was shut till Monday a the flat-bed truck delivered my car home for the week-end then on Monday delivered it to a repairer at Bayswater for nothing and because I have 3 breakdown covers a year and because it was that late in the afternoon they charged it out as only one pick-up so I still have two up my sleeve for the future all this for zilch! So ex-member Martyn Goodwyn decided to draft this list below to show what “bang for your buck” you get  and as you know this works in all states of Australia so the question is here why havent you joined , by the way they send out their excellent magazine each month and as a “member you has access to all the things sold to members only at their depots, just to good not to take advantage of

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