When cowboys rode Indians and men were men



The guy getting shaved with a axe, and my wife telling me I’m not as young as I used to be reminded me when men were men. After the last IIRA run and my body being pounded by my 344 Chief over rough roads, and feeling like I had just gone three rounds with Mohamed Ali made me wonder how GI’s rode the bastards over bomb cratered Europe in WW11 then got off dug foxholes, shot Germans and were cold and hungry as well everyday, reality hit when my wife said GI’s weren’t 63 but strapping twenty year olds, maybe I’m being to hard on myself! Still I’m reassessing taking it to the International Gypsy Tour 2016 and also participating in the Great Race in Tasmania, this weekend is the Rod Leamon run to Donnybrook cheese Farm not far but it will check the gearing as I upped it from 22t to 24t after I pulled the sidecar off in anticipation for the Crazy Horse Rally in Coroyong in a fortnight. At least that will help the 4 speed overdrive box and the fuel consumption might improve to boot, Indians never were frugal and it’s nice to know the new models Polaris makes have followed faithfully in that area. Owen Jones rang me today about a group ride together up the Hume anybody riding up needs to contact Richard Onyon 0414 466966 he will have a meeting point to leave from for a group ride