Winter Blues brings changes

You know the worst thing about Autumn is you think its only going to get worse weather wise so the time to prepare your machine for the dismal months ahead are now! Firstly if you intending to lay your machine up pour fuel stabiliser in the petrol tank to prevent serious steel tank rusting and make sure thew battery is on a tender with your tyres inflated as they will slowly go flat.

A number people have asked about the new changes going from 4 rallies a year to 2 also the change to quarterly monthly meetings and the quarterly Sunday rides rather than the monthly versions we have had up till now. Well seeing the next meeting is on 27th June also the AGM and the next PSM (Pleasant Sunday Morning) get together 2nd July  followed up by the Crazy Horse Rally at Corroyong Oct 13-15 things have changed mainly on advice from you the members. The last meeting held saw a major amount of members attending so it appears less things happening is a popular way to go. Whats a PSM, members complained about a 200 klm Sunday ride every month and wanted a more social event so the first one was held at the Calder Park BP servo with about 150 other people that meet there on old cars and bikes for coffee & cakes and tyre kicking, bench racing as the Yanks say members can then decide on a ride after or just go home as it only lasts a couple of hours, the next one we have will probably be at the St Andrews pub which gets heaps of classic motorcyclists turn up around 9-30 other venues will be considered in the future. You can bring you bike/car to these PSM’s and also your family so its up to you, the IIRA are moving with what people have requested the next change is our meeting venue the Pascoe Vale Hotel is now redundant the same as our recent venue the Cross Keys in Essendon, The Grandview Hotel in Fairfield has rooms at no charge to us and a nice menu so we are looking into this at this point. Rallies have been cut down to only 2 a year now so we hope to get a larger amount of members attending other changes are no Associate members everyone is a full member now and that means every financial member can be on the committee instead of struggling to get members to stand for positions we now potentially  have a extra 25% of members available. Lastly the introduction of B.E.A pre 1975 (British, European, American) new members has been suggested ,this is on the table and will be voted on at the next AGM, so lots of changes for the future.