Winters cold, but the tools are blazing hot

Our Association patron Chief-Rain in the -Face pictured above is working full tilt on cold & wet Winter Rides last week- end a sample, this brings me to mention a perfect time to get your Indian ready for Winter & Spring. I am preparing for the Harold Parson’s Winter Rally 18-19  August it reminds me to encourage those who are attending to book accommodation at Stratford Motel (03) 5145 6500 the rooms a limited so book early. Progress on the Vindian is slow but yesterday the 4.25 gall tanks arrived from Iron Horse Coral USA they need to be modified to wrap around the rocker feed line on the right & the Carb on the left tank, this is fairly easy to do for experienced people so they are being “farmed out”. The new Vincent flywheel ass, oil pump & clutch chain wheel  arrived today from Maughan & Sons U.K & is ready to fit, long restorations are always slow but I am aiming for the Vincent Owners Club Rally in Aldinga S/Australia in late September thats 5 months all up, a bit slow for me I did a 1969 Triumph Bonneville in 3 weeks 15 years ago but thats the cost of getting old.