Our Indian Family & Alvin

The cute photo above came from Indian-Victory in Charlotte thanks for that, this is a good representative  period shot of a fifties Indian motorcycle family, these days our Indian family extends to all riders especially those who are fortunate enough to actually own a Indian. My Indian family is fellow IIRA members hopefully they think the same of me, members in other Indian Clubs are our distant relatives, &  as with all relatives some you get along with, some you don’t, enough said! Yesterday was our monthly Run & as it was our first run for the winter & rain was forecast 8 members turned up & set off behind Ian Rhook to Donnybrook Cheese Farm, this was a relatively short run that finished after a good lunch at the the restaurant, Phillip White was there on his Ariel Square Four & Ian Rhook was keen to ride it, Ian”s report was he liked it but “Alvin” (741 Scout pictured above with Sammy Vella’s Sport Scout) was better hmmm, I must try “Alvin” soon as I used to own a Ariel years ago & was pleased with it but the handling was terrible which made me say ” You know how to make a Square Four handle? Fit a sidecar”. Alvin got his name as it was painted on the tank by a hippy in the seventies I believe, peace man & all that stuff