“A Kernel into a Nut”

Phil Irving (P.E.I) said the above statement about the fit of the Vincent into a Chief frame he was right it is very very close, Saturday was consumed with Sam Vella of  S.J.V Engineering (03 9383 7888) putting the final touches on the rear mount which he made. The factory under engineered this area dangerously, they welded a small tube on the frame and pushed a 9/16 stud through as they used on a Vincent frame, although in that case the R.F.M (rear frame member) is well supported & also the engine is “hung” the 2 previous Replica’s have copied this & it may have worked on a factory prototype it is not strong enough for everyday use!  Notice the 3rd photo this mount will be brazed on, as you know Indian lugs are cast iron & welding  on can’t be done with a Mig welder, my mount bolts the engine in with 2 x 9/16 U.N.F bolts, I modified the standard Vincent front stand plates to bolt the engine into the Indian engine mount point on the frame, the R/hand front down tube needs the be heated cherry red & flattened in 2 places to clear the magneto & front engine pipe, otherwise it’s in. Brazing the frame cross-brace rear mount in Thursday night at Rob Baker Engineering (03 9899 1400)