Revenge is Sweet & Meeting next Tuesday night

Sump Valve problems!

Wet Sumping, this was a problem that cropped up twice on the “Black Bastard” which is currently being converted into a Vindian, in it’s former guise it did it on a Association Monthly run, I repaired it at Pete Kime’s place & rode it home. Guy Allen rode it at the famous Great Race earlier this year no problems at all, about two weeks later Chris Horner rode it at the Albury Rally for about 60 klm’s it decided it would then have a conniption and Chris loaded it on the Ute above, this is why it reinforced it’s name beside it’s colour & non-matching numbers, I am peering into the oil tank to find all the oil is in the sump. Guru Indian repairer Murray Morell fixed the valve by re-machining it, but by that time it had  “blotted it’s copybook” which made hacksawing it into a Vindian so much easier, as I said in the beginning  “revenge is sweet”