After 9 years a new website is coming

Remember that first car you owned and over the years you think of it fondly, then one day you the opportunity comes along to drive one the same car you had all those years ago, but the vehicle hasn’t got worse your expectations have matured ie: there’s no power steering or power windows, no airbags, and that steering wheel is huge and skinny, the brakes are worse than you remember and the lights are dismal, and to boot it handles like “a camel with a broken back”. Thats how a 9-year-old website is, in geek terms that’s 50 years old so although it looks good its a bastard to drive, your committee has decided it needs an upgrade pronto and this will happen very soon it will look different but all your old area’s will still be there so just test it out &. you must remember it makes your webmasters life easier and seeing nobody wants this job that’s very important to me or someone that’s does this job in the future.