The Froggies are mad!

Not much about Indians in Paris but very few H-Ferguson’s to be seen, so the French are known for their taste, meanwhile they are in love with Stupid (Smart)cars which they park in-between normal cars rear bumper into the gutter & partially onto the footpath or 1/2″ between each other so I fail to see how you can get out. Scooter riders are everywhere particularly the new 3 wheel types that are appearing at home by Piaggeo, no one wears any form of protective clothing, & pedestrians take there luck at crossing the road as there are very few crossings. I reckon the hospitals are full with people hit by scooter riders riding occasionally down footpaths, seems to be no by-laws officers booking any illegally parked vehicles anywhere. Anyway off to Hong Kong today & Bonnie and I are not looking forward to the plane flight